Life Is Precious. Here’s Why

This 19-year-old young lady was scared and alone. She was pregnant and unmarrieda combination that was a stigma back in the 1960s. Her boyfriend was not involved and contemplated moving away from her and their child for good. She could have aborted. She could have put the child up for adoption, or she could have moved away herself to avoid the ridicule. But she did something remarkable. She carried the baby to term and decided to raise him on her own. Years later, he would later go on to adopt children of his own, and he became an adoption social worker, persuading dozens of young men to adopt. Who was that young man? Well, that was me. And it was my mom that made a decision which had a ripple effect not only for her child but for dozens, perhaps hundreds of others. Here’s why young people need to consider the fact that life is precious.

The Web of Life

Remember the old movie classic It’s a Wonderful Life? In it, an angel saves George Bailey’s life. George Bailey was contemplating suicide, and an angel showed him what others’ lives would be like without him and how one person’s life touches so many others. We don’t know how many people one person will touch. We don’t know if the person being aborted will find the cure for cancer, be the first person to colonize Mars, or will be the next president of the United States. When a child is aborted, he is denied the opportunity to reach his full potential. We deny that life to touch so many other lives.

A Blessing in Disguise

Too many times, we look at the stark reality of an unplanned pregnancy as a crisis, a curse, and an obstacle to our dreams. But have you considered that what you may think of as a disaster, may actually be a blessing for someone else?  There are about 1 million abortions a year in the U.S. There are also about 1 million people waiting to adopt in the U.S. It may be a perfect match to place your child in a loving family who has been waiting for a precious child just like yours. Your child is not unwanted. The pregnancy may be unplanned, but rest assured, your child will be a blessing to someone else. 

She’s Alive!

Scientifically, an unborn baby has brain waves at seven weeks, a heartbeat at seven weeks, and can feel pain at 20 weeks. Most abortions occur at 7-20 weeks. My question is this: if a person is considered dead with no brain waves and no heartbeat, why isn’t she considered alive with a brainwave and a heartbeat? Your baby is alive! Your baby is not a part of your body. Your baby has her own fingerprints, her own DNA, and her own blood type. You have been given the awesome task of carrying her to term and nurturing and caring for her, should you choose to do so. What an awesome task. She may not be born, but she has been alive since conception.  

Unplanned pregnancies interfere with our lives like no other crisis can. But life is precious! And the joy life can bring outweighs all other concerns. Consider all other options.

Consider life.

Consider adoption.