What Is the Definition of Abortion?


It is a word we hear all the time. It is in the news and all over social media. People protest for it and against it. People argue about it and discuss it. Many people have strong opinions of it. But what is the technical definition of abortion? Basically, abortion is the killing of an unborn fetus and according to the authors of medicinenet.com, the medical definition of abortion is the premature exit of the products of conception that include the fetus, fetal membranes, and placenta from the uterus. It is the loss of a pregnancy. However, it does not refer to why that pregnancy was lost. An abortion can be caused purposely or happen spontaneously. When a woman has an abortion, the fetus is expelled from the womb before it is viable. Another term you might hear is spontaneous abortion. This term is the same thing as a miscarriage. A shorter definition of abortion is when a pregnancy is ended so that it does not result in the birth of a child. In other words, it is the termination of pregnancy.

In essence, the termination of a life.

Abortion is not the only option to an unplanned pregnancy. Though you may feel your life is over, it is not. There are so many paths for you to choose from. Yes, your life will be different here on out, but it will not end. You can move on. You can take a different road and heal and recover. When you choose abortion, you end a path permanently. There is no going back. Consider what that means overall. 

The choice is up to you, but there is a wonderful thing you should know about before you choose an abortion.


What is the definition of adoption? Adoption is to place your child into the loving arms of a forever family. It is not giving up. It is choosing life. Out of all of the most selfless acts of love a human being can show to another, the placing of a child into the home of someone who is better able to care for that child is incredible. Indescribable. Many birth mothers who have chosen this path have been forever grateful for their decision. They turned what could have been a tragedy into hope.

There are alternatives to abortion. Please consider adoption before you make a final decision.

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and considering adoption, visit Adoption.com to view adoption profiles from hopeful adoptive parents. Visit Adoption.com/unplanned-pregnancy to find guidance with your unplanned pregnancy.